Water Ski Wakeboard Nova Scotia

Upcoming Events

  • 2024 Paul Bowie Provincial/Atlantics,  Lake Charles, Nova Scotia, August 24, 2024, rain date August 25, 2024.
  • WSWNS Annual General Meeting, September 17, 2024 @ 7:00 pm  Location Courtyard by Marriott, 35 Shubie Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Promoting towed watersport in Nova Scotia

Water Ski

Nova Scotia is a water skiing paradise with over 3,000 lakes. Depending on your goals, water skiing can be fun and relaxing, or can be taken to the next level as one of the most extreme water sports. At the competition level it requires strength, endurance and skill. We invite any interested individual to join our organization, participate in our ski school, enjoy our hospitality and love for water sports.


Water Ski Wakeboard Nova Scotia’s adaptive program known as Skiability creates a more accessible future for all athletes. Adaptive equipment allows a skier to participate in water sports from beginner to competitive skiing. Many leg and arm amputees use the same equipment as able-bodied athletes, but adaptive devices such as sit-skis,and outriggers accommodate various levels of ability.


Wakeboarding is a sport that is all about having fun with friends and family while allowing each person to push themselves beyond their expectations. Wakeboarding uses a board similar to a snowboard which allows the rider to perform many mid-air tricks. Waterski Wakeboard Nova Scotia offers instruction for wakeboarding and wakeskating for all ages.

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